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Recoleta Cemetery is the red carpet of lost souls. It is here that Argentina’s rich and famous are laid to rest. But it is also here that the gory glitterati reemerge to ‘liven’ up the graveyard when the lights go down.
Squeezing between crypts, and mausoleums it is easy to be swept away with the memory of the dead. Unlike Chacarita, the dead here have not been forgotten. Fresh flowers decorate the tombs, and lovingly inscribed headstones provide a tender map of family history.
But in and amongst the happy souls that wander free in the Plaza Hotel of graveyards, lurks a story of immeasurable pain and deep dark, suffering. A story that was tragically unearthed. Quite literally. Somewhere among the endless rows of marble mausoleums and crucifixes is the grave of Rufina Cambaceres. A pretty thing, immortalized in a delicate stone carving.
In 1902 young Rufina was mistakenly pronounced dead and left to rest by a grieving family. Waking up in her own coffin, she battled to break free, but eventually suffocated. Rufina was found buried alive, her body scratched and mauled beyond recognition. After the gory resurrection her heartbroken father rebuilt the gravesite to portray his young daughter opening the doors to her own tomb. The innocent young Rufina, a gruesome shadow of her former self, now wanders the cemetery at night, unearthing dead bodies to ensure that they haven’t suffered the same ugly fate…
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