by On July 20, 2016
Back in 2005 I moved my business into a new warehouse (unit 4). I was there for about 2 years and never experienced anything. In 2007 I expanded, and took over 2 extra units( Units 2 & 3). We opened up the wall and put a door in the office to link all the units.
About 3 months after expanding it to all 3 units, my employees started complaining. Some would say that they would feel if someone was watching them, others would get a scent of something and then just go away. Now let me say, that back in the early 80's there was a candle maker that occupied the 2 units. For the 6 to 8 months I personally did not experience anything.
One night we were working late, I had 2 employees working in unit 4. I was in my office on the other side of the warehouse. I heard someone walk past the office to the back of the warehouse, a few seconds passed then, I heard as if something fell. I ran to the back to see a rolled up hose on the ground (next to the table where it was originally ). I ran next door and both employees were there working. That was the 1st time I had experienced anything.
After that it was on a weekly basis that something would happen. We would always see a man, out of the corner of our eye, standing by the rollup doors.
I had hired a new girl, she knew nothing of this. One afternoon, I was in my office and she was weighing out material's in the back of the warehouse. She screamed for me, and I ran back there to see what was wrong. She had said that as she was lifting her head, there was a person standing right in front of her. When she focused in it was gone.
So for about 2 years we continued dealing with sightings, always being watched feeling and so forth. One day I was out front with a client and we heard a very loud metal hitting metal sound come from inside. We ran in, and nothing ( this happened 2 times). One day we heard what sounded like a bunch of wood being dropped to the floor ( 5 feet in front of us), there was nothing there.
Since so much had been going on, I finally had decided to put up a camera to see what I would catch.
I was by myself setting up the camera. I was actually trying to talk to with whatever was there. I had said something like " Now I am going to catch you messing with my stuff" not 2 seconds passed that I heard something fall in the storage room. I walked in and saw my battery backup in the middle of the room on it's side. It was about 5 feet from the table it was supposed to be on. I quickly gathered my belongings and left.